1. Medela Pump in Style Advance Tote Double Electric Breast Pump 2. Medela Pump in Style Advance Double Electric Breast Pump (with battery pack for traveling or on-the-go pumping) 3. Tommee Tippee Complete Pump & Go Breast milk Starter Set (includes Bottle Warmer and Pre sterilized Breast milk storage pouches , ect...) 4. 6 Additional Tommee Tippee Pump & Go Pouch Bottles 5. The First Years Bre...
This was washed and never used. (Too small had to go up a size) Excellent condition. SFPF home. Great to have if you plan on pumping at all. Retails for $35.
New Cream Infused Herbal Body Wrap and 2 Ounce Daily Maintenance Gel Works to Firm, Tighten, Tone and Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and unwanted Inches. Our wrap works to Target your Abdomen and more. Be advised that you will receive one sealed cream infused cloth wrap plus 2 ounce daily maintenance gel. Each wrap will yield 2 - 4 wraps depending on body size and area to be targeted. The w...
The Chin Up Patch Works To Firm Tighten and Tone The Skin Under Your Chin Made of High Quality Natural Ingredients Works to Dramatically reduce the appearance of sagging double chin Increases blood circulation Strengthens and tones the skin under your chin Includes 5 Chin Up Patches Please be advised that the Chin Up Patch is for cosmetic use only and is not intended to affect either the struct...
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